Dowina - where the ancient spirit of wood is pampered.
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Shown here the Cocobolo Master GAC - the top of the Dowina Master range
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There are over 40 years of experience behind us
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We use a selection of interesting woods to bring something unique to the player
A workshop, not a factory
Every guitar is hand finished and arrives smelling of woodwork
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Design your own guitar
We know how much fun and excitement designing of guitar can bring and we want to give you a chance to experience it. Would you like to choose different rosette or pick specific wood combination to make your Dowina unique and individual? Now we’re giving you opportunity to be creative and build your own dream.
There are many essences of acoustic sound and this two unconvetnional models offer you a whole new way how to look at it. A warm and open sound of Hybrid or vivid sound of Bona Vida, we let the decision up to you.
There are
40 years of experience
behind us
Our history began in 1979 when Stanislav Marinov established his violin workshop, which was overlooking ancient Dowina castle (today’s Devin). Soon after, he came up with first concepts of unique guitars which were based on his know-how, experience and intuition. Each one of them had individual character and design, qualities which Dowina thoroughly preserved until today.