Our history started in 1979. Let yours start today.
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The ancient castle of Dowina – today’s Devin – is situated on the junction of the rivers Danube and Morava, between Bratislava (Slovakia) and Vienna (Austria). The 9th Century Latin (864 AD) Fulda Chronicle (Annales Fuldenses) says “Dowina – id est puella“. This translates as Dowina means a girl in ancient Slavonic language. Nowadays the castle ruins remind us of an era of great glory and are a luminous inspiration for sensitive artists. This magical place also gave birth to Dowina guitars. The guitars derive their name from this famous castle and its heritage.

Our production program

Solid top Antique series – models Puella, Malaeus, Vectis and Scetis incorporate optimized sound quality/playability/
value-to-price ratio features. They are designed as a universal music instrument for daily playing and practicing.

Other than in violin construction, development of flattop guitars shape is ever changing and gives enough space for new
ideas, experiments and improvisations. This is also the idea realized in crafting of all solid Pantheon series models. Their
names are based on old Latin Gods & Goddesses – Pomona, Sol, Ceres and Aurora.
Advanced guitars of the Pantheon series satisfy even the most demanding musicians; those who appreciate superior guitar
sound and design aspects. They are individually created with application of similar production
philosophy as applied for a master violin. Among other secrets this means:

◆ superior tone-wood selection

◆ individual graduation the thickness of the top in specific areas to allow the top to flex more near the edges, and hence, gain
more of a deep, fundamental tone

◆ discrete bracing design according to top´s features

◆ tops are individually finally tuned to a basic harmonic tones in optimal tonal scale range started with G for more bass
reflection and chord play, C for finger picking up to D for solos in a band application

◆ each instrument is solitary crafted for professional application by our master luthiers

As the name gives, our Master series models are intended for professional application with the utmost challenge for tonal and handcrafting perfection. There are jewels and investment with raising value. Crafting of each master model is according to the individual tonal and material requirements of the final user. We can offer combination of very best top plates together with solid back and sides made from superior wood. Master models are Amber Road, Silk Road, Dub (Slovak for Oak), Acero, Strip Paduak, and finally our flagship Cocobolo.

Our history started in 1979 in Devin Village with the creation of a violin workshop overlooking the castle. Afterwards came the concept of unique guitars, inspired by the violin maker’s know-how, experiences and intuition, each one perfect and individual. As from 2010 we are moved to our larger property in Devinska Nova Ves, encompassing a production center, warehouse, custom shop and administration.
Creation process
It all starts with the selection of the materials used. Of crucial importance for guitar sound is the acoustic quality of the top plate and bracings, requiring superb stiffness with little weight. As a standard we utilize either selected Sitka or Cedar from Alaska / West Coast USA. Furthermore we use selected Spruce from the Dolomite Alps – Val di Fiemme, Italy. Among other superior features it has an extraordinary acoustic ratio “A”.
Each guitar is unique and takes many hours of master crafting before it became state of the art between handcrafted guitars, With final quality control we can give our promise that each one of our Dowina guitars will play beautifully and easily. It is an instrument from musician to a musician, form friend to a friend…