Dave Cousins

Dave Cousins with his Silk Road GAE Master series with LR Baggs Anthem

Dave is the Strawbs and has been throughout their history. The only other band he’s ever said he’d like to have been part of was Sandy Denny’s Fotheringay.

Dave with Tony Hooper were the co-founders of the Strawberry Hill Boys, playing together first as the short-lived Gin Bottle Four. The Strawbs emerged from these bluegrass roots in late 1967/early 1968. Renowned in the mid 60s as the fastest UK banjo-picker around, as his own haunting compositions began to displace the bluegrass/traditional material, Dave developed a well-respected guitar playing style with unusual guitar tunings which complemented them to perfection.

Undoubtedly the heart and soul of the Strawbs – as songwriter, front man and lead singer Dave has led the band throughout its many changes: from early days through folk-rock with a progressive flavour to the fully fledged rock band they are today. His complex epic songs, are the cornerstone of The Strawbs’ appeal – delivered in his unmistakable vocal style, accompanied by his characteristic 12 or 6 string acoustic guitar over a rock backing, particularly organ and mellotron. His compositions form the vast bulk of the Strawbs output, many of them drawing – sometimes rather painfully -on his own direct experiences.

Celebrating 50 years of the Strawbs still across the world, they recently performed in Lakewood, USA with full band, orchestra & choir some of their hits and rarities.

Their latest album, The Ferrymans Curse, is available now