Special shapes
We love to experiment.
And some experiments work out pretty well.
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There are many essences of acoustic sound and this two unconventional models offer you a whole new way how to look at it. A warm and open sound of Hybrid or vivid sound of Bona Vida, we leave the decision up to you.


Spontaneous idea transformed into perfect instrument
First Dowina Hybrid was created as a custom order for a fantastic Ireland based musician Steve Cooney. As a professional player he was looking for a robust and full sound while enjoying the comfort of nylon string. That’s how the Hybrid was born.
Hybrid’s special bracing pattern emphasize the acoustic quality of our premium top plates.
  • GAC body
  • shorter neck
  • 12th fret joint
  • 48 mm nut
  • slotted headstock
  • rounded fingerboard

Available for Cabernet and all Master models.

Bona Vida

Bona Vida means Good Life. And that´s how we feel about this guitar. It is just a joy to play. The stunning structures of wood, such as American Walnut, Cocobolo, Granadillo looks even better on the small body of our parlor-style guitar.

Steel string or nylon string version, it is just your choice
Bona Vida
  • small headstock
  • 45 mm nut
  • vintage open gear machine heads
Bona Vida Hybrid
  • classic strings
  • slotted headstock
  • 48 mm nut
  • classic machine heads
Available for Chardonnay, Cabernet and all Master models
For more information on Special shape guitars, contact your Dowina dealer.